Update – FWF has never been off my mind.

Hi all,

For a few weeks or so, FeathersWillFly.com was taken offline while the server was down and not being used. A quick update, and explanation for the post below: A good portion of last year I, like many PC / IT enthusiasts, got involved in the cryptocurrency hobby and community. The interest there has waxed and waned with time.

This allowed me to have an “excuse” to build some things I have wanted but didn’t have a good reason to do – like putting together rigs that there was no way I could afford back when I was growing up and painting / cutting up beige PC cases for exhibition at LAN parties and at home.

Never once have I forgotten about the fun we had. I am not ruling out a Feather Cup, although the budget has been tighter since my ROI has, like most miners, been in the red. I can only allocate so much for my hobbies – both measured in time and money.

I am proud of what the community has achieved, including our 50+ tournaments, consistency, and even personal connections with the developer of the game.

The best of Feathers Will Fly, I feel, is the impact we all shared and immortalized in this post.

While I am unsure of the future of FWF, I want to thank you all dearly for the great times we had together.  Quack on, my friends!

Thank you to the FWF community

Hi all,

First of all, I’d like to thank our community for participating in our tournaments for well over a year. I never thought FWF would grow as big as it has been at the peak.
As with many games and associated communities, the passion and interest of our leadership team has shifted in different directions.
Personally, I still enjoy Duck Game to a great degree but rarely play. I have made hundreds of friends and had thousands of great games (and well over a thousand actual hours in the game.)
Since the group has become dormant, I feel it appropriate to have a clear, possibly final message that FWF does not plan on hosting tournaments in the near future. I would love for the group to be remembered fondly. I will work to preserve the site and history of everything each of us achieved, including our entire FFA tournament history. May competitive Duck Game live on with the spirit of fun, competition, and mutual respect.


FWF Resurrection, Tournament Organization, and PRIZE :)

Hi all,

Recently I had someone reaching out to me looking to run a tournament. I have been busy and checked my steam profile … it’s ugly. I have spent 1 hour in the last two weeks playing any sort of game.

That said, we are going to be running a tournament with a prize. Anyone who wants to be involved in our community for tournament planning, organization, or just being a great member of the FWF community is invited to apply for our Google Hangouts VID channel (Very Important Ducks.)

It is an invite-only hangout, so you will need to reach out to us via email. You can connect with us by reaching out to featherswillflyteam@gmail.com.

I have a rock-solid prize for our next tournament I am donating. Literally.


I am looking forward to the organization of our next tournament!!!

Semi-translucent for backlighting

The 2017 Feather Cup tournament was quite the experience.  Thank you to all the players that participated.  It was an absolute to host and be a part of top-tier players coming together for the ultimate playoff.  The level of skill displayed was nothing short of amazing.  Watching the last four brackets in action, there was an impressive display of strategy and tactics learned over hundreds of hours.  It really showcased the impressive depth of mechanics in a game that appears simple at first.

I am pleased to announce the Feather Cup is now engraved with the name of our winner – Slinky.  It’s truly a one-of-a-kind peice, fit for a person who exemplifies the contageous fun that we embrace in top-tier multiplayer games.  I am honored to have the generous donations of our community, including the developer himself, contribute to the tournament, our community, and the prizes for our winners.

Thank you all for being a part of a community and game that is near and dear to my heart.  Slinky – your trophy will ship soon.  You certainly have earned it.

Day 1 Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first four rounds! We are down to 24 players who will be competing tomorrow.
No eliminations: =(e)= Cookie, This Guy, KlockworkCanary, HerroHerro911, Slinky, Stylo, Mr.Potatooh, and Tanagram
One elimination: “1342782745”, aidanww, CmdrVeggieBurger, RandySavageTulpa, jeancarlo13, Lobot, thighboy, brandnewproblem, Baultanis, laduck, Nicodemo, aw3som3fac3, rudix, Collin, Powerseed, and Filixmathias

Feather Cup Info

Feather Cup Round 1 (Never Eliminated) Bracket

Feather Cup round 2 (Eliminated Once) Bracket

All chatter should take place in the Discord FWF server.  The Steam chat will be used for registration and announcements.

Registration will start in the Feathers Will Fly Steam chat.  You can get there by clicking the blue “Join Steam Chat” button on the right.  Registration has begun!  Click here to see if you are registered.

Last Year’s Prize:

This Year’s prize – your name to be engraved…

A few other … special markings are on the cup.  The cup was sent to Vancouver with a Silver Sharpie.


Feather Cup Info

I apologize my time has been limited as of late.

Registration will start in the Feathers Will Fly Steam chat.  You can get there by clicking the blue “Join Steam Chat” button on the right.  We start registration at 7:00.

The “Registration” page is for our regular tournaments.  I have not redesigned the site for our event and likely will not have time to do so…  Please spread the word.

Feel free to comment on our posts to communicate with us, or post any questions in the Feathers Will Fly Discord.

Also:  Prizes.  The winner of the tournament will receive the coveted Feather Cup itself.  Quarterfinalists will receive the Humble Adult Swim Bundle, including Duck Game and many other great Adult Swim games.

Lastly, as a side note, our funding pool has been exhausted by the cup, prizes, and hosting expenses.  The donation by superjoebob was ULTRA generous.  The cup itself was around $140 and will end up well over $200 including shipping to SJB and to our skilled recipient.  $100 was spent on prizes.  Some was used to reward our dedicated administrators for running our tournaments through Humble Bundle packages.  Plus there are hosting expenses.  While minimal, there are electrical and domain registration expenses to keep everything up and running.

I am looking forward to the tournament.  It has been planned for well over a year and anticipated by our community.  I’m looking forward to seeing you there.