10/27 Update

The Duck Game halloween update was released today. Tonight’s tourney is going to be a riot! Make sure you check out the rules in advance. I expect a higher than normal turnout today. The list of changes is too large to be included here, but you can see what they are on the Steam Duck Game community forums.

Also a quick reminder that tonight’s game will be the one chance you have to practice in a live FWF tournament environment before the Duck Call prize next week.

I’ll see you at 10:00 EST!

10/20 Update

Tourney 14 will be hosted tonight courtesy of CaptainQuack. Thank you, kind sir!!! I needed a bit of a break.
Tourney 15 should be business as usual… and then afterwards, the Halloween update will come out, with a custom hatmaker among other things.
Tourney 16 will have those other things. And a special prize to go with it. A custom, hand-painted duck call. Truffulaseed is being amazingly awesome with offering up this prize! Stay tuned for details

Insert Your Hat Here

Insert Your Hat Here