Call of the Duck and website updates

As we announced in our last post we’ve now we’ve now passed 500 members and are quickly moving past that milestone. To celebrate we gave out a uniquely decorated duck call in our last Thursday FFA tournament. With the tournament’s winner, This Guy, having declined the prize, we will be awarding the custom duck call to the runner-up, VirtualFishbowl.

A few features have been added to the website today. Most notably the mobile version is more usable, some share buttons have been made available (more can be added on request) and you can subscribe to receive email notifications at the bottom of every post.


A while back, Truffulaseed offered to  award a prize in one of our special tournaments.  The prize is a one of a kind, custom painted duck call.  Many know Truff’s hats are of top quality, and his girlfriend is an amazing artist.  He already has a duck call in hand, and the kicker is that the winner will receive the duck call with the winner’s hat of choice painted on it.  Shipping will be covered by Truffulaseed and/or Feathers Will Fly.

We are doing this for our celebration of 500 members in our group.  While we are currently at 498, I am confident we will reach 500 by this Thursday when the special event will take place.

Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your friendly enemies and salty friends.  This Thursday is going to be a doozie.

What has Duck Game done for you?

In speaking with many in the community, I can confidently say that Duck Game has impacted our daily lives in a positive manner. What has duck game done for you? Hit the comments above to say your piece. We will ultimately be sharing this with the developer.

Edit 1/25:  Thanks, everyone.  We shared with Landon.  His reply.

1v1 Swiss Tournament

Yesterday we had a blast with our first, scary, pre-alpha tournament. With practically no notice, both the brave and the foolhardy showed up to experience a tournament unlike any other within the game. We ended up with a bracket of 16.

Everyone got to participate until the very end, using the unique rules that a Swiss tournament imposes.

Is this something you would like to participate in? Were you there for the pre-alpha? What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments.