2 v. 2 Team Tournament Follow-Up (Saturday, March 25th)

Tomorrow, the Saturday March 25th, will be our special Team Tournament hosted by Phosphofructokinase. Around 3:30pm EST, show up in the Feathers Will Fly Steam chat with your buddy to participate. You need to register for this event on Challonge, and here is how you are going to be able to do that.

Head on over to the Challonge registration page and create a team. You can use a custom team name, however you must follow the following naming convention: Team Name (Player 1 & Player 2).

As an example, we can have the team Spaghetti Renaissance (One True Duck & Trombone).

This is for the sake of clarity, so that the members’ names can easily be read. Make sure that the team name is appropriate. Anything deemed inappropriate by the moderators of the tournament will be changed to something unfathomably dumb. Let the creativity carry you only as far as the horizon on this.

Having created the team, you can add a teammate by going to the Members tab and typing your teammate’s Challonge username or the e-mail they signed up with into the text box on that page. It’s quite self-explanatory. Challonge makes a good job of this.

Having both ducks on the team, you are done and are only waiting to play!

You can register anytime from now until the very beginning of the tournament, but I would suggest that you do so ahead of time. There is no team limit, so make sure to spread the word. The more teams we have, the higher the stakes, and who doesn’t love a bit of salt in their diet?

Make sure you are familiar with the rules, are there have been some alterations made. Being unfamiliar with the rules will not be a valid excuse to avoid repercussions (round forfeit or disqualification). Those rules are available on the Challonge page under any of the previous two links. Simply click Show Full Description and go through the short read.

With all of this said, all of our tournament moderators hope to see you and your fellow duckling participate! See you in the Feathers Will Fly Steam chat at 4:00pm EST.

We’re always there and happy to help, so drop by the Steam chat if you have any additional questions or anything you are confused about. Alternatively, you can leave a comment on this article, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Good luck, my ducks, and may the best team dance upon the graves of their fallen enemies.

2 v. 2 Team Tournament Announcement (Saturday, March 25th)

Some time ago, we announced that the Saturday event slot is available for you, our dear playerbase, to host custom tournaments. There are a some suggestions in the workings, but this upcoming Saturday on March 25th will be the first of these player-hosted tourneys.

No less, it will be a 2 v. 2 Double-Elimination Team Tournament!

Our host used to be Bush Did 9/11; then he was the artist formerly known as Bush Did 9/11. Now he’s called Phosphofructokinase, but you are free to call him Connor.

This tournament will utilize the Challonge service for bracketing. We will post an updated ruleset that will be used specifically for this Team Tournament. The changes will reflect Connor’s thoughts on this specific tournament and take into account the team format.

Registration will take place on the day of the event, so find a teammate and make sure that you both show up at 4pm EST on Saturday the March 25th in the Feathers Will Fly Steam chat (which you can also access by pressing a button in the top-right of our website).

If you are familiar with the Harmony Cup, then things will be a little different this time. You and your teammate will register as a team, and not as a hat. This means that you can use any matching default hat for the matches and switch them in-between rounds.

You will be able to sign-up yourself and your teammate on Challonge and pick a team name. Anything inappropriate will be promptly changed by one of the admins to something unfathomably stupid. Similarly, if you want one of us to register you, you will receive a silly or creative name – depending on who adds you and your teammate to the listings.

The registration page will be posted on our website once the ruleset is finalized. You will then register with a team name and clarified with the Steam usernames of both of the team members.

More details will be posted in the upcoming days. Until then, make sure to find a teammate.

It takes two to duck. Quacking never changes.