Duck Game on Humble Bundle


You can now get Duck Game along with a bunch of other great Adult Swim games in a Humble Bundle.  Go to  Duck game is in the second tier for less than 8 bucks.  The other games look solid, though I have not yet had the chance to play them yetl

The best part:  $25 gets you ALL the games AND a DUCK GAME PLUSH.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand…  I am now $25 poorer…  but many games and a stuffed duck richer!

Here’s the real great thing though – in addition to some slight updates, this will vastly increase playerbase and exposure!

FWF News and Schedule Changes

Hi all,

The core FWF leaders have been ensuring we have a Thursday events since inception July of last year.  Due to a shrinking participation, we are in the process of re-evaluating how often we run tournaments, as well as the time and host.  We will continue to run events based on availability and interest of our hosting team.  If you personally would like to commit to hosting a match, please get in touch with us through email –  Becer, Acrimonious Defect, and Lucidinertia (me) can all be reached via Steam as well.

Please comment the frequency you would be at a tournament.  I am hopeful we can return to a regular schedule in the not-so-distant future.

Oh, one last thing.  The 2017 Feather Cup will be incredible.  Stay tuned…