The Update

For those who haven’t been beta testing this whole time, it’s worth it. For those who haven’t been playing Duck Game, go buy Duck Game.

The 22nd

The big update is scheduled to come out on the 22nd … in three days.  I speak for myself when I say I am literally squirming with anticipation.

If you are like me, you would like a preview of what is to come.  I can offer two.  One is the new beta.  It uses the old beta code (tonyhawksunderground).

Here is another thing to come in the near future after the dust settles and once we have a chance to plan around how the big update changes will affect the tournament.

The D

Best Dev Ever <3


Thank you to everyone who is a part of FWF – whether you are an admin, host, player, or newbie.  You make this community great – and Duck Game deserves a great community as it is a GREAT game with a GREAT dev!

The Cup

Feather Cup

Feather Cup 2017. GL HF.

Tournament date will be set after the “big update” is released.  We are planning on hosting during a free weekend to maximize the number of participants.  This tournament will be designed to maximize the amount of fun had by all participants – progressively matching players with other players of the same skill level, while simultaneously allowing the elite to compete for the grand prize – the Feather Cup.  There will be many “Presents for Winners” awarded.  Many have already been purchased thanks to the funding you all have generously and graciously given us.  Donations are still being accepted to award those participating.

Stay tuned.  Er…  Bookmarked.