FWF Resurrection, Tournament Organization, and PRIZE :)

Hi all,

Recently I had someone reaching out to me looking to run a tournament. I have been busy and checked my steam profile … it’s ugly. I have spent 1 hour in the last two weeks playing any sort of game.

That said, we are going to be running a tournament with a prize. Anyone who wants to be involved in our community for tournament planning, organization, or just being a great member of the FWF community is invited to apply for our Google Hangouts VID channel (Very Important Ducks.)

It is an invite-only hangout, so you will need to reach out to us via email. You can connect with us by reaching out to featherswillflyteam@gmail.com.

I have a rock-solid prize for our next tournament I am donating. Literally.


I am looking forward to the organization of our next tournament!!!

Semi-translucent for backlighting