Thank you to the FWF community

Hi all,

First of all, I’d like to thank our community for participating in our tournaments for well over a year. I never thought FWF would grow as big as it has been at the peak.
As with many games and associated communities, the passion and interest of our leadership team has shifted in different directions.
Personally, I still enjoy Duck Game to a great degree but rarely play. I have made hundreds of friends and had thousands of great games (and well over a thousand actual hours in the game.)
Since the group has become dormant, I feel it appropriate to have a clear, possibly final message that FWF does not plan on hosting tournaments in the near future. I would love for the group to be remembered fondly. I will work to preserve the site and history of everything each of us achieved, including our entire FFA tournament history. May competitive Duck Game live on with the spirit of fun, competition, and mutual respect.