Update – FWF has never been off my mind.

Hi all,

For a few weeks or so, FeathersWillFly.com was taken offline while the server was down and not being used. A quick update, and explanation for the post below: A good portion of last year I, like many PC / IT enthusiasts, got involved in the cryptocurrency hobby and community. The interest there has waxed and waned with time.

This allowed me to have an “excuse” to build some things I have wanted but didn’t have a good reason to do – like putting together rigs that there was no way I could afford back when I was growing up and painting / cutting up beige PC cases for exhibition at LAN parties and at home.

Never once have I forgotten about the fun we had. I am not ruling out a Feather Cup, although the budget has been tighter since my ROI has, like most miners, been in the red. I can only allocate so much for my hobbies – both measured in time and money.

I am proud of what the community has achieved, including our 50+ tournaments, consistency, and even personal connections with the developer of the game.

The best of Feathers Will Fly, I feel, is the impact we all shared and immortalized in this post.

While I am unsure of the future of FWF, I want to thank you all dearly for the great times we had together.  Quack on, my friends!