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Signing up for the league is as simple as joining the Feathers Will Fly Steam group.

Read the rules, join the group chat room before 10:00 PM EST, and be ready to look at the bracket to see who you are up against!



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If you build it, they will come.

The league started as nothing more than a dream. After having a few amazing four-player games with friends on the evening of Tuesday, July 19th, I had a desire to recreate the fun, competition, and mutual respect we all had, on a regular basis. I have always wanted to participate in the QuackOut tournament, but have been unable to because of weekend obligations with the family. I also wanted for the entire community to be able to experience the epic fun of top-tier FFA games, at a consistent time that is friendly for most people.


It didn’t exist, so I started planning and development. It turns out I wasn’t the only person that wanted what I described above.


As of the one-week anniversary, we have 64 members, have played one tournament, and run both a steam group and featherswillfly.com. We plan to have online registration (DONE!), weekly brackets, and statistics all driven from our site in an automated and user-friendly GUI. We will have volunteers to manage the tourneys once per month. There will be zero or minimal off-weeks. The community has been deeply involved in shaping the league, and ultimately will be running each weekly tournament.


See ya Thursday. Good luck. Have fun. May the best duck win.



Your contributions

The Feather Cup, along with all web work and hosting, is driven through donations. I have no plans to monetize the site. If you enjoy the tourneys and would like to see additional improvement and awards, please consider clicking the donate button at the upper-right hand corner of this page. A huge thanks to the following individuals for significantly contributing to the cost of the Feather Cup and FWF hosting.

Name Contribution
Quack Cocaine $25
laduck $5
VirtualFishBowl $10 via USPS Cash.  You rock!
Anonymous $10
Anonymous $10
Truffulaseed Custom hand-painted duck call
Quack Cocaine Another $25. Awesome!
Goat-on-a-stick $5. Thanks for the support!
Prodigious Girth gold_award$10