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Duck Game on Humble Bundle


You can now get Duck Game along with a bunch of other great Adult Swim games in a Humble Bundle.  Go to humblebundle.com.  Duck game is in the second tier for less than 8 bucks.  The other games look solid, though I have not yet had the chance to play them yetl

The best part:  $25 gets you ALL the games AND a DUCK GAME PLUSH.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand…  I am now $25 poorer…  but many games and a stuffed duck richer!

Here’s the real great thing though – in addition to some slight updates, this will vastly increase playerbase and exposure!

FWF News and Schedule Changes

Hi all,

The core FWF leaders have been ensuring we have a Thursday events since inception July of last year.  Due to a shrinking participation, we are in the process of re-evaluating how often we run tournaments, as well as the time and host.  We will continue to run events based on availability and interest of our hosting team.  If you personally would like to commit to hosting a match, please get in touch with us through email – featherswillflyteam@gmail.com.  Becer, Acrimonious Defect, and Lucidinertia (me) can all be reached via Steam as well.

Please comment the frequency you would be at a tournament.  I am hopeful we can return to a regular schedule in the not-so-distant future.

Oh, one last thing.  The 2017 Feather Cup will be incredible.  Stay tuned…


A while back, Truffulaseed offered to  award a prize in one of our special tournaments.  The prize is a one of a kind, custom painted duck call.  Many know Truff’s hats are of top quality, and his girlfriend is an amazing artist.  He already has a duck call in hand, and the kicker is that the winner will receive the duck call with the winner’s hat of choice painted on it.  Shipping will be covered by Truffulaseed and/or Feathers Will Fly.

We are doing this for our celebration of 500 members in our group.  While we are currently at 498, I am confident we will reach 500 by this Thursday when the special event will take place.

Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your friendly enemies and salty friends.  This Thursday is going to be a doozie.

What has Duck Game done for you?

In speaking with many in the community, I can confidently say that Duck Game has impacted our daily lives in a positive manner. What has duck game done for you? Hit the comments above to say your piece. We will ultimately be sharing this with the developer.

Edit 1/25:  Thanks, everyone.  We shared with Landon.  His reply.

1v1 Swiss Tournament

Yesterday we had a blast with our first, scary, pre-alpha tournament. With practically no notice, both the brave and the foolhardy showed up to experience a tournament unlike any other within the game. We ended up with a bracket of 16.

Everyone got to participate until the very end, using the unique rules that a Swiss tournament imposes.

Is this something you would like to participate in? Were you there for the pre-alpha? What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Congrats White Ink and Slinky, winners of the Harmony Cup

Slinky’s hat is already in production.  Ink’s is near completion.  You can see Slinky’s on the right.  I’ll post Ink’s hat once we get the design finalized.  A huge thanks to Becer, AD, and all of our experienced players and newcomers for making this a great event!

Our next tournament will be a standard FFA this Thursday..  Thanks to Truffulaseed, I have a prize for the winner of Thursday’s game.  He is generously giving away the following two games:

  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six
  • WarHammer: End Times – Vermintide

Also, be on the lookout for a few special casual events.  We may make announcements soon just to get people together in a setting outside of a tournament.  Think “1v1 me bruh” or “8 player madness hour”.  Sometimes being spontaneous can be fun :}

The December Donation Drive is still in full effect.  Thanks to your generosity, we have been able to pay for domain hosting and all prizes.  We are still accepting donations and awarding badges to those who do.  Even a little bit helps!

Be on the lookout for an impromptu event outside of our regular tournaments.  We have some plans that should make things super fun for every level of player, from the new guy to the This Guy.

Edit:  Ink’s hat is also on the way!  Check it out on the left!  Classy.

Harmony Cup Rules

The Harmony Cup will have most of the same rules that we have for our FFA matches.  There are a couple key differences I want to highlight:


The top seeded team will host the game and invite the rest.
Settings:  15 rounds, 5 round rests, 0% custom maps or random maps.
The host will announce in chat when everyone is in the lobby and ready to get confirmation before starting the game.
After the round has concluded, all players will report to chat and announce who advances. Typically players will wait until the round has ended to proceed unless an officer specifies otherwise. Officers will use Challonge to advance players to the next round.  You can view the bracket and progress at http://featherswillfly.challonge.com/HarmonyCup

Since this is a double elimination tournament, the losing team in the winner’s bracket will still advance in the L bracket.

Double elimination.
Top scoring team advances.
Uphold the league values of fun, competition, and mutual respect.

If all players in a lobby agree that a player needs to be disqualified, they will alert an officer, who will handle the situation. Reasons for disqualification include, but are not limited to: unplayable ping/frame dropping, obstruction of gameplay, and disrespectful conduct in chat.

A player may choose to withdraw from the tournament at any time.  If the forfeiture occurs during a game, the game proceeds without that player.  This may result in a 1v2 match.  When a winning team withdraws after scores are posted, the opposing team automatically wins the next round.  Swapping of positions, players, or “filling in” for a winning player or team are prohibited.

Falsification of results, tampering with the tournament outcomes or brackets, and obstruction of tournament progress are strictly prohibited and will lead to being banned from the event or group.

As a guideline, courtesies such as waiting for AFK and talking players are not expected. Anyone who goes AFK or chats does so at their own risk.

Hats Unlocked

I have been asked on many occasions how to get a FWF logo hat. Now there is an avenue to do so. Anyone who donates a cumulative sum of $50 to FWF in the December Donation Drive will receive a gift of a custom hat with their choice of FWF logo and color shipped to any address in the USA.  Hat choices are one-size-fits-all and can be seen by clicking this link.

I want to stress here that FWF is not in the business of selling Duck Game Merchandise. The hat unlock tier nearly matches the “Ur The Best” tier for the total net amount that goes to FWF’s paypal account. This, as always, will be used to pay for prizes, hosting expenses, and if we do well enough, to reward those who donate their time and effort to make the group great.

A few people have commented recently how quickly we have developed as a community. This is thanks to the efforts of many contributors, whether through special gifts of time and talent, cash donations, promotion, or taking an active role within the community. I am thankful for the contributions, as well as the culture of respect we have for one another.

The Hat Unlock donation tier will only be good through December. Consider it a test, like the Alpha 2v2 that led to the Harmony Cup. If it works, maybe we can use it to grow and refine our operations.


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