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Scheduling changes and hosting opportunities!

Ever wanted to see a Feathers Will Fly tournament ran your own way? Now you can! For the next few weeks we’ll accept applications from community members wanting to host our Duck Game tournament in the Saturday 4 P.M. EST time slot. The format is entirely up to you. Contact an administrator to reserve an opportunity.

This Saturday (February 25th) the very first of these special tournaments will take place and, for the first time, bring the much requested 1 v. 1 All-Skill tournament to our EU players.

For the time being, the Saturday tournament will effectively be off the regular schedule until a host is found to regularly once again present regular events.

E-mail us at with your idea, and we will respond to you as soon as we see your message.

What has Duck Game done for you?

In speaking with many in the community, I can confidently say that Duck Game has impacted our daily lives in a positive manner. What has duck game done for you? Hit the comments above to say your piece. We will ultimately be sharing this with the developer.

Edit 1/25:  Thanks, everyone.  We shared with Landon.  His reply.

Harmony Cup Registration is live!

To register, two steps are required. The first is to choose your partner and desired hat. This can be done using the link above. The second is verifying your plan to participate, including your chosen partner. Both participants will need to post their intended partner and hat here.

Keep in mind that registration agreement supersedes hat selection in our registration above. In other words, if a participant wants jazzducks but their partner has not yet confirmed in our forums, another set of teammates may claim jazzducks and grab that hat. It’s all about teamwork, and honestly this is a bit of a race. That said, when you register, you commit you will do your very best to be there.

This will be our first double elimination tournament. Each team that loses, gets entered into a “losers bracket” that competes to be the final competitor of the winner. See here for an example.

Right now we are at $57.68 of our goal of $60 and stretch goal of $80 to fund this drive. The $60 is for hats and shipping. The extra $20 is “cold beverage money” for site developers and tournament hosts.

Donate to Feathers Will Fly
If anyone wants to “upgrade” to the next trophy up, you can. It is simply a cosmetic thing, but you have to admit … it’s kind of fun 😀 and it helps out our group immensely.  Additional funds will be used for future prizes, site infrastructure, and really what the donors and community wants to see out of the league.

Lastly, another preview of a few hat options. Winners will get to choose the pattern.