Feather Cup Info

I apologize my time has been limited as of late.

Registration will start in the Feathers Will Fly Steam chat.  You can get there by clicking the blue “Join Steam Chat” button on the right.  We start registration at 7:00.

The “Registration” page is for our regular tournaments.  I have not redesigned the site for our event and likely will not have time to do so…  Please spread the word.

Feel free to comment on our posts to communicate with us, or post any questions in the Feathers Will Fly Discord.

Also:  Prizes.  The winner of the tournament will receive the coveted Feather Cup itself.  Quarterfinalists will receive the Humble Adult Swim Bundle, including Duck Game and many other great Adult Swim games.

Lastly, as a side note, our funding pool has been exhausted by the cup, prizes, and hosting expenses.  The donation by superjoebob was ULTRA generous.  The cup itself was around $140 and will end up well over $200 including shipping to SJB and to our skilled recipient.  $100 was spent on prizes.  Some was used to reward our dedicated administrators for running our tournaments through Humble Bundle packages.  Plus there are hosting expenses.  While minimal, there are electrical and domain registration expenses to keep everything up and running.

I am looking forward to the tournament.  It has been planned for well over a year and anticipated by our community.  I’m looking forward to seeing you there.