Saturday FFA Tournament

We are hosting their next edition of our EU-friendly Saturday FFA Tournament!

The tournament will be hosted at 9:00 PM GMT, AKA 21:00 UK time.
In US time, that’s 4:00 PM EST and 3:00 PM CST.
Everyone can participate, no matter what region you’re from.

You will be able to register starting at 8:30 PM GMT, half an hour before the tournament begins.
Like always, you can register by joining the FWF Steam Group chat when the registrations start.

If you’re having trouble calculating the time for your own time zone, this webpage should help you out:

We hope you join us tonight!
Good luck and have fun!

Player Spotlight: This Guy

When I started playing online Duck Game, the first truly big name – the first unstoppable force – I heard about was This Guy. I had no idea who This Guy was, frankly, and I questioned whether he really was as good as the few people that brought him up claimed that he was, because I did only just start playing online, and, I have no problem admitting to it: I was terrible. Everyone good seemed like a mountain I couldn’t overcome.

After a few weeks of playing randoms I ran into Lucid, who, after some time, asked me to participate in his Feathers Will Fly competition. I had no illusions that I would lose, but I thought, “Hey, why not? It could be fun.” That was the tournament on the 17th of November (remember, remember), where by some cruel joke or malign miracle I made it into the quarterfinals to find myself pitched against a familiar name: This Guy – and he lived up to his name after planting my duck face firmly on an undisclosed rock somewhere between Mars and Jupiter.

If you are a part of Feathers Will Fly, you might be familiar with This Guy.

This “Won More Tournaments Than Anyone Else” Guy, or

This “He’s a Camper” Guy, or, most famously,

This “R.I.P. I’m In the Same Bracket as This Guy” Guy.

With the record amount of 11 Feathers Will Fly victories (not including his team victory with the help of Goat-on-a-stick), he sits atop the Feather Throne (this one goes out to all of you Game of Quacks people) with the most won tournaments of them all, and by a wide margin; the first-runner-up, or the second-place position, has three different people with 2 gold medals each. That’s a 9 tournament lead.

At this point, you may be thinking that I am here solely to praise this duck, but you would be severely mistaken. I am not here to praise This Guy; on the contrary, I am here to roll him in tar and cover him in all of his own ripped-out feathers.

Let’s get to the point, then, shall we? What makes This Guy a force to be reckoned with?

Sitting at 707 Steam hours and 20 tournaments, Guy has developed a competitive style that, frankly, is difficult to counter. I am going to pull it apart, so that you, too, can try to take him down. A word of warning, though: Bring a saltshaker for the salt.

This Guy is more defensive-minded than most players that you see. If he sees the chance, he will set up a camp complete with a grill, a tent and a mosquito lamp just to keep you out. Of course, this makes approaching him difficult, which gives him control of the situation, and that is exactly what he aims for. This usually involves him sitting at a higher ground with either a gun or a crate, leading his opponent back and forth until there is an opening.

When without a weapon, he oftentimes runs around with a crate for defense and slides into corner with it when necessary. He can disarm his opponent and steal their gun
for a lethal counterattack.

At the beginning of most maps, he will grab the nearest or second-nearest weapon and rush for the gun he sees as best on the map; this could be a net gun, a virtual shotgun, or a laser rifle (the one that you hate), and then the onslaught begins – because now you have to deal with that gun, not him.

As any top-tier Duck Game player, This Guy has his basics down. He can shoot diagonally with a high rate of accuracy; his timing with grenades is more often than not on point; he exploits the map layout to his advantage.

He has developed a style strictly optimal for competitive gameplay, utilizing the available resources to his best advantage. This might seem like an unstoppable force, however that is not the case; there are a few key weaknesses that this style has available to exploit.

If his opponent gets to the gun he wants first, he will recede to a defensive position and stop his blitz. If pressure is put on him, he begins to lose ground, and so the general strategy for dealing with him is to rush him down when he tries to find a defendable position on the map. Knock his grill over; trample his tent; smash his mosquito lamp, and keep the pressure on.

With all this taken into account, it seems that the Feathers Will Fly 12-time winner has forgotten how to tie his shoelaces recently.

In the 21st and 22nd Feathers Will Fly tournaments, This Guy was eliminated in quarter-finals and semi-finals respectively, consequently getting violently thrown off the back of his high horse.

With an hour of play every other day, not including tournaments, our duck has fallen behind the meta. As an example, while he has learned how to wall-shoot, he has not learned to watch out for others wall-shooting. The meta has somewhat changed over the past weeks and players have taken to new pathfinding on maps with more elaborate strategies of dealing with their opponents.

This Guy has gotten his feathers ruffled more than a handful of times due to just this, and if he does not keep closer watch on his opponents, he may just find himself losing his title in a few weeks, as the challengers keep arriving, and the bar only keeps on rising.

Whether or not he keeps up with that evolving meta, This Guy has left an impact on this tournament. With 12 victories and 20 tournaments under his belt (which is three more than the founder of Feathers Will Fly himself has attended), almost every duck participating in Feathers Will Fly has heard about him referred to with sugar, spice and salt, as the duck that just keeps on going.

Until we see more of him, we are left with such memorable quotes as, “I’m grossed out you said that with proper grammar,” or, “That’s a bad name for a dog.”

Ah, and if you happen to find yourself in a bracket with him these upcoming tournaments, then I have only one thing to say to you:



Make sure to check out This Guy’s Twitch channel here.

Harmony Cup Registration is live!

To register, two steps are required. The first is to choose your partner and desired hat. This can be done using the link above. The second is verifying your plan to participate, including your chosen partner. Both participants will need to post their intended partner and hat here.

Keep in mind that registration agreement supersedes hat selection in our registration above. In other words, if a participant wants jazzducks but their partner has not yet confirmed in our forums, another set of teammates may claim jazzducks and grab that hat. It’s all about teamwork, and honestly this is a bit of a race. That said, when you register, you commit you will do your very best to be there.

This will be our first double elimination tournament. Each team that loses, gets entered into a “losers bracket” that competes to be the final competitor of the winner. See here for an example.

Right now we are at $57.68 of our goal of $60 and stretch goal of $80 to fund this drive. The $60 is for hats and shipping. The extra $20 is “cold beverage money” for site developers and tournament hosts.

Donate to Feathers Will Fly
If anyone wants to “upgrade” to the next trophy up, you can. It is simply a cosmetic thing, but you have to admit … it’s kind of fun 😀 and it helps out our group immensely.  Additional funds will be used for future prizes, site infrastructure, and really what the donors and community wants to see out of the league.

Lastly, another preview of a few hat options. Winners will get to choose the pattern.


2v2 Tournament. Dec. 18th. Prizes.

Most ducks wear hats.  Sometimes people wear hats.  I wear a hat on occasion.

The winning teammates in our 2v2 tournament coming up on the 18th will probably wear hats.  They may be similar to the one below.  Right now there is only one hat like this in existence.  After the winners of the 2v2 get to choose their pattern, there will be a total of three.

Duck Beanie

I expect a full bracket of 64 players for this one.  We have been consistently filling our brackets of 32.  We will pre-register just like we always have in the past.

I am hopeful that you are enjoying our league, tournaments, and community.  If you feel this is a good cause, I am accepting donations to help cover the cost of the prizes and hosting (mostly prizes.)  The total expected cost to make and ship these hats will be about $60ish, assuming one of them has to go overseas.  We have a donate button on our web site, and will be recognizing those who donate.  People can remain anonymous as well.

We will continue to run our Thursday and Saturday tournaments until then.  This special event will take place Sunday the 18th at 2:00pm Eastern time.  It is also on your Steam calendar.  Be sure to show up a half hour early in chat to lock in the registration.

Saturday FFA Tournament

We are hosting the next edition of our EU-friendly Weekend FFA Tournament!

The tournament will be hosted at 9:00 PM GMT, AKA 21:00 UK time.
In US time, that’s 4:00 PM EST or 3:00 PM CST if you live near the east coast.
This means that you will be able to register for the tournament starting at 8:30 PM GMT, half an hour before the tourney begins.
Like always, you can register by joining the FWF Steam Group chat when the registrations start.

If you’re having trouble calculating the time for your own time zone, this webpage should help you out:

We hope you join us tonight!
Good luck and have fun!

12/1 Update: The Snowball Effect

Hi League members and guests!  Our efforts seem to be growing at an accelerating pace.  What was once a tiny snowball has rolled into a … well a bigger snowball 😀    I have a lot to cover with this update:

  • Web Site Update
  • Ease of joining our group and chat
  • Consistent Saturday tournaments

Site Update

Thanks to the PHP and SQL sorcery of Becer, along with a generous donation of his time and expertise, you may notice the site looks slightly different.  Behind the scenes, there were dramatic changes that will make edits and posts by our group leadership much simpler.  Additionally, our posts will be archived as you can see on the right.  This is not a final design, but a significant step in the direction of a robust site to fulfill the needs of the community.  Not all functionality is present yet, but Becer and I (mostly Becer) are working on improvements in our spare time.

Joining our group and chat

We have discovered two very simple ways to join our chat rather than sifting through your other steam groups.  I will be linking two methods here.  One is as simple as dragging this link to your desktop:  Feathers Will Fly Chat.  The other is editing your steam shortcut to include this text in the target field.  Make sure to include the quotes when you copy and paste.  This will launch FWF chat instead of the “Steam News” advertisements.

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe” steam://friends/joinchat/103582791455237656

Our group chat is an important part of building our community and finding friendly, respectful, and skilled players at any time of the day or night.

Consistent Saturday Tournaments

Thanks to Mage Legend, we will now host tournaments each Saturday at 4:00pm EST.  Since I have always hosted based on the time I am, residing in Indianapolis, Indiana, people have to convert to their local time zone.  The site linked makes this simple.

New EU-Friendly Weekend Tournament!

You have asked for it, you have waited, and it’s finally here, A weekend FFA tournament!

Cheesy intro aside, not only will this tournament please the US players that have been requesting a tournament in the afternoon, but also the EU players that have been wanting tournaments at EU-friendly times. This means that both EU and US players are allowed to participate.

The tournament will be hosted at 9:00 PM GMT, AKA 21:00 UK time.
In US time, that’s 4:00 PM EST and 3:00 PM CST.

That means that you will be able to register starting at 8:30 PM GMT, half an hour before the tournament begins.

Good luck and have fun!

Happy Thanksgiving! Tonight’s tournament is ON!

We will be hosting our 20th straight FWF Free For All (FFA) tournament tonight. Be sure to check out the rules tab above if you are new to the group. Participation is welcome for all. In fact, if you have any questions, feel free to join our FWF chat. We have been there frequently to answer questions, arrange for games, and generally be a part of a great community.

How to automatically join the FWF chat when you launch Steam

In an effort to simplify communication, I have had a couple requests to have the FWF chat open when steam is launched. As an added benefit, the “Steam News” advertisement is not displayed with this method. There is a simple way to do this.

Right click your Steam shortcut, click properties, and change your target to:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe" steam://friends/joinchat/103582791455237656

11/17 Update – New Direction and FWF Expansion

As many know, we started FWF with the humble goal of having skilled matchups on a regular basis. I am pleased to say that we have now have had flawless execution with 17 consecutive weeks of tournaments,
as well as a 2v2 that generated the largest turnout of any tournament yet. We have made new friends. We have had some great games. Last but not least, we have built a community of Duck Game enthusiasts.

FWF began as a league for weekly tournaments. We are going to continue to have these tournaments. However, I am working on expanding FWF to be not just for tournaments, but a community group for anyone who loves the game.

I have had several requests for 2v2 tournaments, 1v1 tournaments, different days, different times, and just a great place to hang out and meet new players. I aim to achieve this goal, with the help of our dedicated community.
It starts with our FWF steam chat. Whenever you are looking to get into a game, or just talk Duck Game in general, I encourage you to hop in the FWF group chat. You can easily run it in the background, play some games, and see any communication our community has, whether it is looking for a certain type of game, 2v2, customs … like I said, anything Duck Game.

We will continue to be consistent with our Thursday tournaments.

Additionally, I will start streaming as much as possible. I primarily started the stream in an effort to teach people how to run the tournaments, but after seeing how well it works and the overall quality, I am very impressed with how smooth and crisp it is. I also managed to find a microphone that works. Woo!