11/12 Update

I relaxed restrictions for registration.

Due to the number of last-minute registrations and higher than expected turnout, I have relaxed requirements for registration. You can now just type your name next to the hat you want. If you have played before, your name will be in a drop-down box. If you are new, there will be a little red triangle in the corner letting me know I have to add you to the database. Please email lucid@featherswillfly.com with any questions.

11/10 Update

For anyone on the fence about whether it will be worth committing for the 2v2 tournament this Saturday…

I just played a game with three highly skilled players. It is AMAZING. It brings a whole new level of strategy to the game.

Remember when you just got duck game and kept laughing at the funny stuff that you didn’t expect to happen? Yeah. That.

The Feathers Will Fly 2v2 Alpha Test tourney will take place this Saturday, November 12th. The time will be 10:30p EST.

Sign up using the 2v2 button above and pick your name, or “Teammate Requested” if you are looking to form a team. I am asking for each player and their team partner to post in the Steam Community Duck Game Forum thread and choose an available hat. Each hat will be available on a first-come, first serve basis.

Team hats must be unique for the tournament structure to work. If we choose to continue hosting 2v2’s, teams will wear the same hat from one tourney to the next. I expect we will not run out of hats any time soon.

I am asking for each participant (both team members) to post their partner and hat in the thread listed above as a commitment to be there for the tourney. Once I validate this has happened, I will lock in validation and your name will turn white.

Example: Player 1 posts
Player 2 Eyebob
Player 2 posts
Player 1 Eyebob

This will help to prevent no-shows at game time. If your partner does not show up, you will be flying solo vs. two other players, so choose wisely.

I understand this is a pretty late start (or early for you EU’ers) but it’s the earliest I can be available for it.

11/5 Update

Congrats to This Guy, winner of the Duck Call tournament last Thursday!

In one week, on Saturday, November 12th, we will have our very first 2v2 tournament at 10:30pm EST. I have had many requests for a Saturday game, as well as ample interest in a 2v2 match. We will need to pick partners and hats in advance for this game. If anyone has a great idea for how to arrange this, please let me know.

10/27 Update

The Duck Game halloween update was released today. Tonight’s tourney is going to be a riot! Make sure you check out the rules in advance. I expect a higher than normal turnout today. The list of changes is too large to be included here, but you can see what they are on the Steam Duck Game community forums.

Also a quick reminder that tonight’s game will be the one chance you have to practice in a live FWF tournament environment before the Duck Call prize next week.

I’ll see you at 10:00 EST!

10/20 Update

Tourney 14 will be hosted tonight courtesy of CaptainQuack. Thank you, kind sir!!! I needed a bit of a break.
Tourney 15 should be business as usual… and then afterwards, the Halloween update will come out, with a custom hatmaker among other things.
Tourney 16 will have those other things. And a special prize to go with it. A custom, hand-painted duck call. Truffulaseed is being amazingly awesome with offering up this prize! Stay tuned for details

Insert Your Hat Here

Insert Your Hat Here

After literally weathering the storm, we completed the Feather Cup tournament.

Congrats Feather Cup Winner goat-on-a-stick

Congrats Feather Cup Winner

Goat-on-a-stick took home the cup (or received it via USPS in this case.)

Xatmamune engineered an entire retroactive stats system. Check it out here.

Several players have stepped up to offer prizes to future winners, including a full version of Fallout 4, and … get this … a duck call custom-painted with the winner’s hat.

As of the time of writing, we have had nine successful tourneys. We host the tenth tonight.

I am looking forward to seeing you there!