Tournament times

Feathers Will Fly hosts 4-player Duck Game Free-For-All (FFA) Tournaments each :

  • Thursday night at 10:00 EST / 7:00 PST
  • Saturday night at 4:00 EST / 1:00 PST

How To Participate

  1. Pre-registration is not needed. Be in the group chat between starting 30 minutes before the event to register. An officer will register you.
  2. Once an officer announces in chat that the bracket is final, view the bracket at
  3. The first (top) player in each 4-player bracket will host the game and invite the rest. The host will announce in chat when everyone is in the lobby and ready.
  4. After the round has concluded, all players will report to chat and announce who advances. Typically players will wait until the round has ended, unless an officer specifies otherwise.

FFA Format

  • Single elimination. Top two players advance.
  • Default maps and settings are to be used, with one exception: a host may choose to remove random maps from the rotation. No modifiers.
  • Tiebreakers between second, third, and sometimes fourth place will be decided by playing a five round game hosted by the top seeded tied player. The winner and loser are not in the lobby when the tiebreaker starts. Ensure settings are set to five rounds before starting.


  • Uphold the league values of fun, competition, and mutual respect.
  • In the spirit of fairness and competition, we ask that players don’t alter their games in any way that might give them an advantage.
  • Don’t use glitches to reach otherwise inaccessible places. (Inside walls, outside the map, behind a locked door, etc.)
  • If all players in a lobby agree that a player needs to be disqualified, they will alert an officer, who will handle the situation. Reasons for disqualification include, but are not limited to: unplayable ping/frame dropping, obstruction of gameplay, and disrespectful conduct in chat.
  • A player may choose to withdraw from the tournament at any time.  If the forfeiture occurs during a game, the top two players will advance as usual.  When a winning player withdraws after scores are posted, only one player will advance.  Swapping of positions, players, or “filling in” for a winning player are prohibited.

In the event that a player cannot be contacted

  1. Add the player to your friends list and give them at least 5 minutes to either answer you or be active in the main chat.
  2. Advise the main chat that said player cannot be contacted and wait 5 minutes .If the player hasn’t answered or talked in main chat after that delay, start the match without them.


As a guideline, courtesies such as waiting for AFK and talking players are not expected. Anyone who goes AFK or chats does so at their own risk.